Some Well Known Details About The Cleaning Franchise Industry

By - 04/21/22
Some Well Known Details About The Cleaning Franchise Industry

With hygiene and cleanliness on everyone’s mind, professional home and office cleaning services Sydney have become more important than ever. In fact, commercial and residential cleaning franchise reigns as the most profitable industry both in terms of growth and market share. Entrepreneurs and investors want to leverage the cleaning franchise industry, a diverse world with a plethora of opportunities that promise a tidy future. 

If you are a new entrepreneur or a small-business owner looking to opt for a cleaning franchise in Sydney or other parts of Australia, below are some well-known details you may want to know.  

A Brief About The Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry comprises several segments, including home cleaning, commercial cleaning, and strata cleaning services. The most common services include office interiors, glass doors and windows, carpets, upholstery, furniture dusting, and more!  We are professional cleaners in Sydney  who offer all these specialized quality services as a whole.

According to the Allied Market Research, the global cleaning services market is expected to reach $111,498 million by 2030. With these numbers, the commercial and residential cleaning industry in Australia is worth billions of dollars and is foreseen to become one of the biggest employers in the coming years. Thus, there will be tremendous job growth and industry expansion.  

Cleaning Industry, A Recession-Proof Franchise?

Cleaning is something that does not come up with a trend; it is a necessity. Moreover, professional cleaners are perceived as community heroes who play a vital role in keeping the surroundings clean. The demand for ongoing cleaning services is booming because people are more aware of the importance of keeping their homes and workplace clean. Be it due to busy work schedules or workload, almost everyone looks for professionally trained cleaners to spruce up their place. 

This means the demand for professional cleaner companies in Sydney and other parts of Australia will not fade away. Though the industry has had some downtime amid the pandemic, it is only growing bigger and better. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that the cleaning franchise is a recession-resilient industry. 

Are There Any Risks?

office cleaning services Sydney

When it comes to the cleaning industry, customer experience is paramount. People look for office or house cleaning in Sydney to create a safe place where they can live or work without worrying about hygiene. With professional cleaning services, they can rest assured that their spaces are clean and sanitised.  

Furthermore, a single unsatisfactory work or poor customer experience may get you in trouble. This is the reason why cleaning companies lose 50% of their customer base every year. Also, there are hundreds of small cleaning companies competing for house or office cleaning contracts. So, brands have to go through competitors’ pricing to attain success.  

However, good things don’t come cheap! A reputed cleaning company has professionally trained cleaners who commit to providing high-quality ongoing services, leaving the place immaculate. Such cleaning companies are worth each penny. 

What Are The Opportunities?

Cleanliness never goes out of style. Thus, if you are a franchisor looking to make an impact, you can turn to professional cleaning services. Undoubtedly, this sector is going to expand shortly precisely due to its increasing demand. Wondering about what to specialise in? Below are home cleaning, commercial cleaning, and strata cleaning opportunities- 

Home Cleaning


Home Cleaning

Shortage of time or time squeeze is the key driver that propels the demand for ongoing home cleaning services. Earlier, regular home cleaning services appealed to the elderly or retirees. But, in recent years, more clients between 30-and 50 seem to engage in these services. A busy lifestyle is a prime reason behind this.  

Hiring professional home cleaners allows people to save time to spend with their family rather than juggling the household chores. Clearly, this lifestyle change creates an enormous potential for the home cleaning industry. 

Commercial Cleaning


Commercial Cleaning

The pandemic has taught everyone the importance of creating a clean and healthy working environment for employees. As a result, companies or business owners look for professional recurring commercial cleaning services to ensure a clean workplace. An on-demand cleaning service along with regular cleaning jobs could be the focus in the years ahead.  

Strata Cleaning


Strata Cleaning

Strata cleaning is another buzzword in the professional cleaning industry. Be it a tech park, entrances, lawn areas, or elevators; all these areas require extensive care along with maintaining the interior hygiene of a building. Thus, building owners hire strata cleaning services to provide a clean environment to visitors or tenants. Just like residential and commercial cleaning, strata cleaning services are also at the forefront. 

Some Facts About Cleaning Franchises

Now that we have discussed the risks and opportunities the cleaning franchise industry comes with, here are some more interesting facts- 

  • Commercial cleaning services are the largest segment of the cleaning industry. During tough financial times, people may choose to clean their own homes. However, large office spaces will always need cleaning services. 
  • Client turnover is a bit high in the cleaning franchise industry. Quality work will always count, and a well-done job will get some appreciation. But it is crucial to maintain the quality of services. This is the reason why cleaning companies train their employees and make sure that only quality products are used for the cleaning job.  
  • People have become more conscious about keeping their homes and businesses neat and clean. A focus on quality cleaning services is a great way to attract prospective employees and clients. 

Merit Cleaning Has Franchise Opportunities For You!

Merit Cleaning is a reputed cleaning company that provides ongoing quality cleaning services for Australian properties. If you want to become a franchisor of our nationally recognized brand, we have opportunities for you. We always welcome energetic, reliable, and focused franchise partners who envision taking our brand to the next level. By becoming a franchisor with us, you invest your time and future with experts who are dedicated to supporting your future goals.  

Do you think you are fit to join our group? Feel free to contact us; we will get back to you soon! 


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