25 Housecleaning Tips to Keep Your House Clean All Year Round

By - 03/30/22
25 Housecleaning Tips to Keep Your House Clean All Year Round

Some people take house cleaning as therapeutic, while others want to get done with it for the sake of keeping it clean. Whether you are the first or the latter, there are certain things that you should follow to keep your house as clean as possible. Bringing some habits into practice will ease your deep cleaning routine and keep you away from the dirty smell, dirt, accumulated litter in bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms and more.

If you are looking for easy tips on how to keep the house clean, then this article is for you. We mention the easiest ways to help you keep the house sparkling clean and reduce the number of times you deep clean your house.

Make Your Bed for the Perfect Start to Your Mornings

Starting your day with a happy feeling is a must to have a productive day; therefore, make it a habit to set your bed first thing in the morning. Redo the sheets, fold the covers and set the pillows in place. It is one effective manner to keep your sheets clean, stain-free and the bed bugs away.

Dust the Dirt Off! 

It hardly takes 5-7 minutes to dust off the tables and bedsides. You can do it in the evening or the morning after completing your wake-up routine. 

Set Your Wardrobe 

Please don’t wait till the weekends to set your cupboard; instead, set it every day; when you are trying your clothes on and something does not fit for the day, do not crumble it, instead set it and place it properly. Bringing this into practice will remove the need to clean your cupboard every weekend.

No Chair for Clothes 

We all have the clothes that we have to re-wear within a few days, and most people place such a pair of jeans and sweatshirt on a chair somewhere in their room. Ensure that you should properly hang them in the cupboard to avoid any mess whenever you have clothes to reuse. Keeping a chair never reduces but always increases the mess.

Dedicate a Hamper for Each Room

Since people have their separate rooms, you must keep hampers in every room to collect the dirty clothes for laundry. Furthermore, you can keep two different hampers; one for whites and one for regular-coloured clothes. Separating whites in advance can help in your laundry routine.

Set Your Laundry Routine

Waiting for a weekend to finish your laundry results in an accumulation of lots of clothes to wash, dry, fold and keep in the wardrobe. Therefore, it is best to start the wash cycles after your office hours in the evening. Additionally, it is suggested to keep a folding area in the laundry area to fold all your clothes after they dry off. Finally, make it a point to never let unfolded laundry into your bedroom or wardrobe.

Clean Your Shower After Use 

The more time you put between the cleaning schedule of your bathrooms, the dirtier it gets. Accumulation of soap, residues from hard water, hair, etc., make your bathrooms stink and look bad within a short span. Therefore, you should ensure that you clean the shelves’ countertops after every use, pick up any hair or residue, and put them all in the dustbin.

Place Towels in their Place

Wet towels are a big no in any place. Therefore, you must place the towels on the towel rods to air-dry completely before putting them to wash. If you have bathrobes that you will reuse, hang them on the dedicated hooks to avoid litter in the bathroom.

Clean Your Humidifier

Humidifiers help our houses smell fresh and healthy all the time. However, now and then, you should clean their humidifiers. Put 2 cups of non-diluted white vinegar in the water tank and swish it all around. Let the solution sit, and then run it under the tap water. You can also use a small brush to scrub the dirt from crevices for deep cleaning.

Clean the Countertops

Ensuring that you take out 5-7 minutes each day to clear the countertops in your bathroom, kitchen, and living rooms helps save a lot of effort on the weekend. If you have busy mornings, you can do the ritual at night and clear the countertops. Keep away the stuff in its place to come home to a clean shelf on Friday.

Regularly Clean the Toilets

Toilets get dirty with the accumulation of residue from each use. Therefore, the best way is to clean it every night before bedtime. Then, while you get ready for bed, spray the toilet cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes. Repeat this every day or on alternates to keep the toilet clean and save effort in deep cleaning.

Clean your Dishwasher for the Residue

Every day you want so many utensils in the dishwasher. The leftover food particles gather in the dishwasher resulting in a foul smell. Therefore, every alternate, you should take out the lower tray of the dishwasher and clean it thoroughly to remove any leftover food.

Clean the Mess Right Away

Whenever you notice a spill, splash or food particles on the countertops or any other place, it is best to clean it off right away to prevent any complications. In addition, countertops, couches, carpets can get moisture resulting in mildew buildup. So, doing it when it happens allows a lot of time to rest on your weekends.

Up Your Dish Towel Game

It would be best to change your dish towels more often than you think. You can swap them each morning with washed towels from the laundry to make it easier for yourself. The cycle will help you keep clean dish towels and prevent any buildup of foul smell in the kitchen.

Clean Cook Clean

You can follow any route, but ensure that you clean everything before getting off for your work or bed every time you cook and leaving tasks undone in the kitchen result in bad smells, insects, bacteria and germination. Hence, keep cleaning towels neat and clean as the time between cooking the meals.

The Clutter Basket

You must keep a clutter basket to put all the clutter in the room. Then, use the night time to put the things back in place.

Make Use of The Commercial Breaks

While watching television or Netflix, you can use the commercial break time to clean the coffee table. Wipe off the dining table, etc.; you can also wipe off bedside tables, living room countertops and more to keep the room dust-free.

Keep Your Mornings Sorted

As we know, we are all running out for work every morning; hence keeping all your required stuff like keys, masks, bags and overcoats in one place saves your time and keeps you organized.

Take Out Trash as You Leave for Work

Prevent garbage piling at home because it results in bad smells, diseases and more in the house; therefore, you should take out the trash every day or every alternate to keep the house clean free of bad odour.

Wash Your Laundry Gear 

Gym wear has your sweat, germs and dust from the heavy exercise; hence, you would never want to keep it aside till the weekend. Instead, wash them off right when you are in the shower to keep them clean and have a set ready for the next day.

Clean the Stemware

Every once or twice a month, you should put the stemware in white vinegar solution for 3-5 minutes to remove the hard coating from the water residual on glassware. It gives it a shiny texture and makes your kitchen look clean.

Restore the Shower

Believe it or not, your shower has residual built up from the hard water. So, once in two months, you can mix equal parts vinegar and water in a plastic bag. Dip the showerhead in the plastic bag and tie it on the top using a hair tie. After an hour or so, run the shower to let out the dirt. Censure to wipe off the floor properly.

Revitalize the Shower Curtain

TO make way for a cleaner room, you must keep the bathroom clean. The shower curtain is mostly forgotten while counting the things to clean. However, you should ensure that you scrub the plastic or vinyl curtain now and then. It collects water, shampoo and other residuals from the shower. You can put it in the washer with a few spoons of detergent. Hang to dry and stretch for the moisture to vanish.

Make a DIY Cleaner 

Make a DIY cleaning spray and use it to clean the tables, table lamps, bedsides and more. It helps keep the dust for long and cleans the minor stans easily. Add four parts of baking soda in 1-part warm water and mix well. Spray the mixture on ouches, countertops and more to keep them clean.

De-stink your Drain

Drains in your kitchen and bathroom start smelling bad after some time and start to clog with the accumulation of grease, dust and more. So, it is a good thing to de-clog the drain every once in a while. Put 2 cups baking soda 2 cups vinegar and cover the drain with a wet cloth. After 15-20mins, boil water in the drain. Now, have fresh smelling and de-clogged drain in your kitchen.


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