8 Effective Ideas For Cleaning Stained Grout

By - 03/30/22
8 Effective Ideas For Cleaning Stained Grout

Tiles are one of the most heavily used pieces in any residence. They are very versatile and meant to be durable, which is why many homeowners struggle with cleaning and keeping their grout clean. Your tiles will inevitably gain some dirt and stains, but cleaning up the grout can sometimes be an arduous and time-consuming task. However, there are several methods to clean the grout that you may not have thought of. 

What Is Grout? How Is It Cleaned? 

Grout is often pale in color and porous in nature. Grout may be cleaned and restored with ordinary home chemicals and a little elbow work. The most effective approach to clean grout does not come at a high cost. Test it at a hidden spot if you are unsure whether a grout cleaner will work on your surface. 

You can buy a tile grout cleaner from any home-improvement store. First, wash down the grout with bleach and water, then rinse it thoroughly with water. If your tiles have had a lot of air and moisture, you may want to scrub them with the cleaner lightly. A good cleaner for tile grout should include hydrated lime, which reacts with carbon dioxide or ammonia and removes stains from concrete, terrazzo, and porcelain floors. 

However, thanks to these 8 effective ideas for stained grout cleaning, your struggle can soon end, and you can have lovely ceramic tiles again. 

Use A Scouring Pad On Your Mop To Remove Stains 

You can use a scouring pad on your mop for mild stains to remove them. It may not be the most effective approach, but it’s worth trying. Don’t feel too bad if this trick doesn’t work. Some grout stains are not easy to remove and require more effort. 

Test In An Inconspicuous Area 

Use your tile grout cleaner on an inconspicuous area to test it before using it on your entire grout line. If the ingredient list is particularly long, test it out in a hidden spot before going over every tile. You don’t want to ruin your grout or damage your tiles.  

However, all tile cleaners are not equal, so be sure to try more than one product until you find one that works. It might take some time, but anything is worth trying if you are not damaging the grout. Then, when you find one that works, buy it in bulk so you can use it whenever stains appear. 

Use Toothpaste On Stains From Liquids 

When liquids and other food stains are left to sit on your grout, it is often very hard to get them out. Toothpaste can help with this type of stain and make those grout lines look pristine. If you don’t have toothpaste, you can use a dry erase marker to remove stains from grout lines. 

Combine A Cleaning Agent And Water For Dirty Stains 

Sometimes, dirt builds up over time and turns into a stubborn stain. Ammonia has a neutral pH level that will also clean these marks. Combine one part ammonia with three parts water and apply it to the grout lines. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then scrub with a scrub brush. Otherwise, scrub with a Scotch Brite pad to ensure the ammonia doesn’t scratch your grout. 

Use Vinegar And Baking Soda 

Vinegar is a popular grout cleaning solution in the market. First, swab the mixture onto your grout and wait until it dries completely before rinsing with warm water. The effect produced by this process will be a clean grout with no odors and stains at all. Next, apply it to the affected area of your tile and let it sit for several seconds before removing it with a dry brush or your mop. The mixture contains baking soda and peroxide, which will clean while they contact moisture. 

Use A Rust Remover 

Rust remover is a very strong and harmful chemical in your home. However, it can remove any stain on your grout, including rust, when used properly. If you use this chemical, wear gloves and eye protection. Apply the rust remover to a cloth and apply it to the affected area. After its removal from the affected area, rinse with water. You can use this spray cleaner on your grout and tile floors. It’s non-toxic and will not harm your flooring if you accidentally get it in any other area of your home other than the grout. 

Use A Bleach-based Product 

As long as you follow the directions and use the product only as directed, bleach can remove any stain from your grout. However, it can also do a lot of damage to masonry tiles if you are not careful. If you don’t know how to clean tile grout, choose to use bleach to clean your grout, go over it quickly and use a scrub brush to clean it up as quickly as possible. The longer the bleach sits on your grout, the more likely it will damage it. 

Use Floor Wax 

An effective way to make your stained grout look new is to wipe it with floor wax. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your grout lines look clean again. However, the grout lines will be slippery when they are wet, so you will have to work quickly to get them dry before they start dripping all over the place. So, it is important to use this method when you are in a hurry and don’t have time for more than one or two tiles at a time. 

Is It Safe To Use These Cleaning Methods On The Floor? 

Well, each of these methods can be used on your flooring safely, but there are some methods that you should avoid and use with caution, such as removing rust and stubborn stains. No matter how hard the stains are to clean, there is a proper grout cleaning method to make them disappear. 

Many people have used these methods to clean the grout on their tiles, leaving their floors sparkling and shiny. But, of course, you should test in an inconspicuous area first before attempting over the entire floor. Nevertheless, many people have found success with these methods and have been able to remove stains without ruining their flooring. When you find one that works, be sure to spread the word and help others keep their grout clean. 

So, if you are interested in any of these methods and want to get the best results, you can hire a professional tile grout cleaner to finish the job. 


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